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Reputed Company| Cairo

Currently working as a consultant with Burapetco Petroleum Company. Egypt



Kuwait Energy Egypt | Cairo, New Cairo

From  st of April  to October ,  I contracted to Kuwait Energy Egypt  as a Wellsite and Operation Geologist on  an exploration and appraisal wells in the Western  Desert  and  Gulf  of  Suez.  I  am  responsible  for  ensuring  that  the geological objectives of the well are met, the acquisition of the geological data is carried  out  safely and as per programs, interpretation  of the data at the wellsite and reporting  to  the project  teams as well  as communicating  closely  with  all personnel  involved  at the wellsite.  This  responsibility  includes  overseeing  the acquisition of and interpreting data acquired from gamma ray, resistivity, density, neutron, formation pressure while drilling, MDT, and sidewall coring tools. When I


am not required at the wellsite during a rotation I work in the office mainly with the job  of  producing  post-well  geological  reports and composite  logs.  Expertise  in well log interpretation, formation evaluation and correlation with detailed sample analysis, supervision of mud  logging, wire-line logging as well as reservoir quality assessment. Proficient  in  lithology  description  of rock  samples  shows reporting (oil  and  gas)  and  core point  determination.  Supervision  and  witness  on-site MWD/LWD/LITH TRACK  and TTK pressure points and geo-steering teams, mud logging unit. In-situ testing; gas detector assembly and gas shows evaluation, define casing, side tracking and termination depths. Good  managerial skill and engineering knowledge, particularly in relating with the drilling, seismic data interpretation and operation geologist. Working  as a team with  all  other relevant personnel    from    the   service    companies,    the   drilling    crews   and   client representatives to ensure that the wells were drilled, cored and logged safely and efficiently.


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Hellenic Petroleum Exploration | Cairo, Maadi

?    Started with  Hellenic  Exploration  Company in  July  ,   and drilled  two exploratory wells bottomed in Jurassic "West Obayed Concession.

?    Identified stratigraphic formations while drilling vertical sections and ensured drillers stayed in correct formations while completing laterals.

?        Collected cuttings samples and compiled electronic geologic logs for several

horizontal wells.

?     Advised  the directional  driller  on  drill bit  orientation  in  order to stay within objective completion zone (geo-steering).

?         Formation evaluation and identified oil and gas bearing zones

?     Experienced using gamma ray, resistivity, bulk density, and porosity tools in geo-steering practices.

?    Quick look interpretation and petrophysical evaluation of electric logs in the rig site.

?         Wellsite  management and witnessing  of open-hole  logging  as well  as all

types of core.

?    I was required to pick the core points, casing points as well as the final total depth based on the geological data collected.

?    Reporting verbally and in written form to the project team in town in a timely manner was a crucial part of the job.

?        Complied final well reports with detailed analysis and composite well logs by

using different kind of software&#;s.


WELLSITE  GEOLOGIST                                                                  / to /

Agiba Petroleum Company | Al Hadiqah Ad Dawleyah, Cairo Governorate

?        Contracted to Agiba as a Wellsite and operation geologist.

?    One  year  experience  with  Sperry  Sun   "Halliburton"  “Nimr  Field”,  PDO, Oman.

?        Highly experience of drilling all types of wells "Vertical, deviated, horizontal,


laterals,  multi-lateral  wells  (Oman), as  well  as  deep wells  bottomed  in

Paleozoic age and shallow wells.

?    Extensive      experience      with      clastics      and     carbonates     reservoir characterization (Dolomitic & Fracture) on  complex structural exploratory, appraisal, and horizontal wells.

?    Six month  hiring to IEOC  to drill the exploratory well in the Western Desert, East Obayed as well as the all duties required in the office.

?    I  had  the  responsibility  of  supervising,  advising,  monitoring  and  taking advice from the team of LWD, mud  logging, coring and wire-line engineers to ensure that all geological objectives were met.

?    Worked alongside all rig personnel and operations geologists throughout the drilling process.

?        Created a real time active well log that included lithology, oil and gas shows,

and monitored well gas on shale, sandstone, and dolomite.

?    Interpreted down-hole drilling data and periodically collaborated with onsite drilling personnel.

?        Attended rig  meetings  and generated daily  Job Safety  Analysis  report to

ensure a zero-accident environment.



Senior  Wellsite  geologist  and operations  geology  with    years experienced  in the oil and gas industry via operator and service company posts. Expertise in well log    interpretation,    formation    evaluation    and    correlation    with    detailed sample  analysis,  supervision  of  mud   logging,  wire-line  logging  as  well  as reservoir quality assessment. Highly experience to evaluate Jurassic and Lower Triassic. Extensive experience with clastics and carbonates reservoir characterization on complex structural of exploratory, appraisal, vertical, deviated, horizontal, laterals, multi-lateral wells. Adept and enjoy working within a multidisciplinary team, discussing and sharing technical ideas  and challenges. Strong personalities,  capable  to  face  challenge  for  completing  multiple  project

and multiple tasks with competing deadlines and always willing to assist others.




Nationality : Egypt

Residential country : egypt

Date of birth : 01-01-1970

Address : Plot -Flat , In Front of Wadi Degla Club, North Lotus. PO Box

Language: English

Language Known






    (HS  and HSE) Aware, Oman, (PDO).

    Basic First Aid, Egypt,  (PRIVILEGE Training Company).




    Advanced First Aid, Egypt,  (PRIVILEGE Training Company). Defensive Driving, Egypt,  (Kuwait Energy Petroleum Company).



    Fire Fighting, (Kuwait Energy Petroleum Company).



    Basics  open hole  & Cased hole  logs  & interpretations,  (Schlumberger), Egypt.




    Fundamental Sequence stratigraphy.

    Subsurface geology and reservoir mapping (OGS), Egypt.




    Petrel Introduction, Well Correlation & Mapping, (Schlumberger), Egypt. Clastics    Exploration    &   Reservoir    Sedimentology,    (PetroEdge),   Kuala






    Structural Style in Petroleum Exploration, (PetroSkills), Kuala Lumpur.



    Fundamental,     Conceptual     Sequence    Stratigraphy,     (Apex    Training

    Company), Egypt.



    Unconventional   for   Hydrocarbon  Recovery  Program,   (Baker  Hughes), Egypt.






    Core analysis, (Corex), Egypt. Team Building Events.



    Jurassic-Cretaceous rift and inverted basin. A model for Syrian Arc system,





    Gebel Maghara, N. SINAI,  (Erex Training Company). Egypt.

    Structure, stratigraphy  and Sedimentary  facies  in  Gulf  of Suez- North  Red

    Sea Field, (Petroguide Training Company). Egypt.



    ?       Microsoft Office Suite.

    ?       Petrel & Kingdom.

    ?       Win Log, Log plot, Geo logger.

    ?       Excellent dealing with Internet applications.


     ?   Decision   maker  and   decision taker when the  situation  entails to take immediate action.

    ?   Excellent communication skills.

    ?   Enjoy   challengeable   objectives and achieving targets.

    ?   Problem   solving   skills   that   are well  demonstrated  in  managing to   solve    any    work-related    to



    ?   Ability     to     work     well     under pressure  multitask   and   to   tight deadlines.

    ?   Adaptability/experience               of working   with   different   cultures and     people      with      different perspectives.

    ?   Conducts all aspects of work in a highly professional manner





B.Sc from Al Azhar University University



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Employer: Reputed Company

Country: Egypt

06/2009 - 03/2011


Employer: Hellenic Petroleum Exploration

Country: Egypt

03/2004 - 06/2009


Employer: Agiba Petroleum Company

Country: Oman


Basic First Aid

01-01-70 To 01-01-70

Advanced First Aid

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Defensive Driving

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Fire Fighting

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