Mohamed Awad Mohamed

  Current Location: Egypt

  •  Geologist
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From -Till Now


  • Years Working AsWellsite Geologist & Operation IN Reputed Company. Agiba Concessions Onshore In Western Desert ( Meleiha, Aghar, Zarif, Faras & Raml Fields Exploratory & Development wells.


  • Year working as software Techlog
  • Year working as Petrel



Field Duties


  • Witnessing QC For Open Hole Logging Tools On Site and LWD.
  • Reporting The Logging Program And Any Other Data To The Field.
  • Making An Onsite Quick Look Evaluation For These Open Hole Log.
  • Measurements & Reporting The Results To The Supervisor.
  • Performing Well To Well Correlation For The Current Well Based On TheOpen Hole Logs.
  • Working With Most Wire line Companies “SCHL., HALLIB & BAKER. “
  • Drilled most Types Of Wells “ Vertical & Deviated.
  • Make A Full Description For Drilling Cutting.
  • Make A Full Evaluation For Hydrocarbon Shows While Drilling " Through Samples & Gas System In Mud Logging Unit " .
  • Correlate Between Drilling Well & Offsite Wells And Determine The Formation Tops And Stratigraphic Markers By Using All Available Data (Drilling Parameters, Mud Logs & Composites Of Offsete Wells).
  • Determine The Most Favorable Point For Set The Casing.
  • Determine The Most Favorable Point for Core intreval.
  • Follow Up The Operation Of Drill Stem Test And Evaluate The Results.
  • Record All Advanced Wire line Tools.



Working areas


Western Desert. 


  • Meleiha field
  • West Rassak (Aghar ,W.Aghar)
  • Ras Qattara. (Zarif & Faras)
  • West Abou Gharadig (Raml&Raml SW)




Geology Duties


  • Performing well-to-well correlation for the current well based on the open hole logs.
  • Prepare Well Composits Manually And By Using Winlog Soft Ware
  • Prepare Stratigraphic And Structure Cross Section Manually And By Using Geological Office.
  • Prepare Well Recommendation .
  • Prepare Fault Seal Analysis .
  • Presenting The Final Results For Any Job In Terms Of Presentation Using
  • Pc. ( Normally Using Power Point Program ) To The Management .
  • Study All The Objectives Of The Well Before Drilling “ Seismically,
  • Structurally, Geologically & Sedimentlogically “
  • Prepare The Final Geological Reports


WellLogging,GeologyofEgypt,SedimentryRocks,Igneous Rock&Metamorphic,SiesmiCInterpreation&Acquistion &Proscessin,macro & Micropaleontology,petrophysicis,Open Hole Logging & Other addional subjects.

Nationality : Egypt

Residential country : egypt

Date of birth : 06-02-1985


Language: English

Language Known


    Trainning courses


    l.Well site Geologist  (OGS)

    l.Basic Open Hole Logging  (OGS)

    l.Basic Seismic Interpertation(OGS)

    l.Advanced Petrophyscis     (BEAKER HUGHES )

    l. Basin Sediments Analysis  (OGS)

    l.Development Geology  (OGS)

    l.Stratigraphic And Structure Dipmeter and Image




    Computer :


    • Professionally using windows & MS office .



B.Sc from AL AZHAR UNIVERSITY University



02/2008 - /

Position: Geologist

Employer: Reputed Company

Country: Egypt


windows & MS office

01-01-70 To 01-01-70