Abo Bakr Abdelraheim

  Current Location: Egypt

  •  Geologist
  • Profile Created Date:29 Mar 2020


Employment history:


Well site Geologist in (Reputed Company) .


Field Duties:

{C}·         Working as a well site geologist in all Agiba concessions.

       -Onshore In ( Meleiha, Aghar, Zarif, Faras, Raml & Raml-SW Fields ) In Western Desert

        -Offshore In (Ashrafi & W. Ashrafi Fields) In Gulf Of Suez.

{C}·         Drilled all types of wells “ Vertical & Deviated”

{C}·         Handle up the catching of samples as per-company request.

{C}·         Make a full evaluation for hydrocarbon shows while drilling “ through samples & gas system in mud logging unit “

{C}·         Determine the best point for catching bottom hole core “core handle, core sample & Detail description for core.”

{C}·         Supervision and QC of all kind of electrical line logging (open & cased hole) in Rig site.

{C}·         Making an onsite Quick look evaluation for these open hole log measurements & reporting the results to the supervisor.

{C}·         Daily geological and operation reports to the office to evaluate the situation.

{C}·         Correlate Between Drilling Well & Offsite wells and determine the formations top and Stratigraphic markers by using all available data “ Drilling parameters, cutting description, Mud Logs & composites Of Offsite Wells “.

{C}·         Make a full description for drilling cutting.

{C}·         Determine the most favorable point for set the casing.

{C}·         Working with most wire line companies “Schlumberger, Halliburton & Baker”.

{C}·         Follow up the drilling problems.


Office Duties: -

{C}·         Prepare the final geological well reports.

{C}·         Prepare well composite (Lithology interpretation manually and by Using Winlog Software).

{C}·         Prepare Stratigraphic and structure cross section.

{C}·         Prepare well recommendation.

{C}·         Make quick look evaluation for logs.

{C}·         Study all the objectives of the well before drilling “seismic, structure, geological prospects & Sedimentology”.

{C}·       {C}Performing well to well Correlation for the current well based on the open hole logs.

{C}·       {C}Integrate between the well data & proposal data during drilling.

Nationality : Egypt

Residential country : egypt

Date of birth : 07-07-1983

Address : Ahmed Elzomor St, th district, Nasr City, Cairo

Language: English

Language Known




    • Microsoft Windows , Office (Excel, Word & power point)
    • Internet & Networking.
    • Have the ability to solving problems.
    • Ability to work effectively in a cross-functional team environment.


    • Basics of geosciences (from Italy months)
    • Basic of Open Hole Well Log Interpretation
    • Fundamental of structure Geology
    • Structural interpretation in exploration & Development
    • Reservoir geology
    • Development Geology
    • Prospect and Play assessment in Hydrocarbon Exploration
    • Exploration for channel and shallow marine Clastic Reservoir




B.Sc from University



03/2005 - /

Position: Well site Geologist

Employer: Reputed Company

Country: Egypt


• Microsoft Windows , Office

01-01-70 To 01-01-70

• Internet & Networking

01-01-70 To 01-01-70