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Job Description

Scope : Responsible for all operations on the vessel to facilitate safe and smooth guidance of vessels through the channels and while berthing and un-berthing operations
Authority : The work is bound by certain rules, regulations and procedures to be stringently followed while carrying out the pilot's duties. Acts as the Company's representative on board the client's vessel. Responsible for ensuring compliance with safety procedures and completion of relevant documentation. Has the authority to decide not to let the ship come in to load if certain safety aspects are not fulfilled
Works in line with the Company and Client policies and procedures, and IRSHAD quality standards. Takes all operational decisions while on the vessel. Responsible for taking appropriate action/decisions during contingencies, accidents or other emergencies. Works in line with port rules and regulations and client’s contract terms.
Contextual Factors :
This Job requires a very good knowledge of the navigational aspects of waters around the port. There is no fixed schedule to a particular working day because working hours depend upon the traffic of incoming and outgoing ships. There is an exposure to the risks associated with ships carrying hazardous cargo.
A high degree of safety-consciousness Is an inherent part of the job. The job holder also needs to be well versed in all the documentation formalities required during the loading, mooring or berthing procedures.
The challenge is to provide quality services to the internal and external clients at the station and comply with all the regulations laid down which it should meet with the contract requirements of the client and the port.

Certification Requirement

    Operational Management ? Board the ship when it is within a certain range of the port and guide her safely through the channel to the points of berthing, mooring and loading. ? Guide, direct and monitor the loading of cargo into the ship, ensuring that all safety regulations are complied with at all times during this operation. ? Participate in the scheduling of incoming ships, cargo loading etc. with the client(s) on a regular basis; facilitate smooth running of Stations operations in line with port rules and regulations. ? Compliance with all operational policies and procedures and legislative requirements Company Representative ? Assume the role of company's representative while on board the ship and undertake all responsibility including signing all relevant documentation required for loading, berthing and mooring. ? Ensure all shore papers, cargo data and related documents are in order before the ship's agent comes on board. (for Jebel Dhanna as required under client contract.) ? Fulfils all requirements as company representative while on board the ship Safety Management ? Ensure all Safety Management practices are fully implemented and complied with in accord with the Company's Safety and Environmental protection policy. ? Supervise the dropping of hoses after loading to ensure that no pollution takes place and all safety norms are adhered to. (for Jebel Dhanna as required under client contract). ? Monitor safety by checking for unsafe practices and report the latter to authorities on shore. ? Carry out requisite inspections for ships above a certain age to determine whether it is safe to bring them in and load cargo. ? Compliance with Company’s safety and environmental protection policies Regulatory Requirements ? Keep abreast of all regulatory requirements relevant to own scope of work to ensure the incoming ships fulfil these. ? Incoming ships comply with regulatory requirements MIS and Reports ? Prepare regular reports such as time-sheets, incidents reports etc. for management consideration. ? MIS and reports are submitted timely and accurately

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